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My Smartphone Vita

After all these years my cellphones did a pretty good job, some more, some less. In this retrospection I think of my most remarkable ones and their stories behind them.

LG Optimus G E 975

My father provided me with this LG phone, when he purchased his new iPhone. The LG Optimus also appeared to be a semi-premium smartphone: Huge memory built in, good audio and video quality and Android OS. There are some flaws nevertheless: No memory expansion, a mounted battery and a very intricately micro sim insertion. 4 of 5 stars for mid price and overall quality.

HTC Windows Phone 8s (color: atlantic blue)

My first choise was the Windows Phone because I liked the fact of using Microsoft programs on the go and especially my Outlook mail client. The HTC was also my favorite in looks – and it comes with the Beats Audio jack and a 5 mega pixels camera. There are several free games and apps, that are comparable to some retro gaming pearls. But even on Android there a lot more programs and especially iOS takes it a step further with mobile hardware compatibility like audio recording and filming. But I have got my running setup at home and my phone should not replace it. Calling myself a digital native, I use social media like Facebook and YouTube on a daily basis. The social media apps and the internet browser work though. At home I use WiFi and stream music from soundcloud and YouTube. The phone has got problems with displaying  old-fashioned MMS indeed. The battery is also not replacable which is a minus in my opinion: 3 of 5 stars for average quality.

LG Viewty KU990i (color: silver)

I got this phone as a present… couple years ago and it still works. It came with a headset adapter, the dc cable and USB connector. LG gave this small piece of electronic a lot of multimedia functions and a nice camera with a lense from the manufacturer Carl Zeiss. I think this phone must be one of the first smartphones ever: google, mailing, music, videos and other applications. But nowadays it has got a obsolete Android version and a messy touchscreen. That causes trouble sometimes, if you want to write SMS the fast way. The battery life was dead after 2 years but I bought a new one for a few bucks. 3 of 5 stars because this cellphone has many functions but is a little obsolete today.

Sony Ericsson K330 (color: green on black) 

In 2009 I needed a solid cellphone for small money and found the Sony K330. The headset comes with a built-in radio. The camera makes pictures up to a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels – which is quite low. But I took a few and sent them to my computer via bluetooth. And this is actually a smart feature. If you are looking for a regular cellphone with classical knobs and high battery time, this might be the right choice. In the category of „regular cellphones“, I give this model 4 of 5 stars.

LG KE500 (color: bright silver)

I almost forgot this one. It wasn’t the cheapest but it last only for a year. I bought a new battery but it didn’t work. Nevertheless I had a lot of fun with this phone: It comes with those illuminated keys and a slide function, so writing SMS was quite amusing. The camera was amazing, too!  With ‘only’ 2 MP but the pictures looked awesome. Well… maybe this was the first generation of smart phones with this baby illness. 2 of 5 stars,

Samsung SGH E700 (color: blue / silver)

I got this phone from second hand. I liked this model because it was catchy and built with a foldable shell, like the classic Motorola. And it has two displays. The display on the front shows you the time / date and who’s calling.  The main display is for your calls, organizer, phone book and SMS. One day I was walking down the street and it started raining so bad, it destroyed the display unfortunately. 3 of 5 stars.

Motorola StarTAC (color: black)

The StarTAC was a revolution on the mobile phone market. It was light, small and had great keys. The display looked plain like a GameBoy (remember the green / grey look). It came with a lot of cases and bags. I had two different batteries because the battery time was quite low. This was the new era of modern and lightweight cellphones: 4 of 5 stars.

Motorola MicroTAC (color: black)

First of all… the MicroTAC wasn’t micro at all. It felt in my hands like a almanach. It came with a secondary battery, which was heavier than the phone itself. I guess, the first mobile phones were made for fancy coupé cars and this was made for a backpack. I always felt like a taxi driver with this phone. 3 of 5 stars for true innovation but low battery time and heavy weight.